Cross-cultural Cloth, A. Eimke 2012
Cross Cultural Cloth”, 2012, cotton homespun fabric, Paper Mulberry bark cloth, Banyan barkcloth, Polyester thread, eco-dyeing, machine-sewn lace, free-form machine sewing,1800 mm X 1000 mm, artist’s collection

Early in 2012 I had the opportunity to exhibit some of my works at Massey University in Wellington on occasion of the International Natural Fibre Forum. Cross Cultural Cloth was woven from fabric strips, eco-dyed with leaves from our island and strips of Paper Mulberry bark. Both were enhanced with machine-sewn lace insertions. The two woven panels are connected with Baynan barkcloth strips that I cut from my first ever self beaten piece of bark cloth which dates back to 1988. The work can be freely hung and looks especially beautiful when the intricate lace and the free flow of the bark fibres can be appreciated against the light.

Cross Cultural Cloth is still available for sale. Please contact me for more detailed information.

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