Dust to Dust…

Dried bouqued 35 year later

… Ashes to Ashes

Almost a year has passed since my last post on 9th February 2015. It has been a pivotal year in my life. Quite unexpectedly, in March my husband Juergen began his final journey to the other side of the world and eventually of life. For me, too, this meant leaving for good my beloved home island of Atiu. Circumstances forced us to forsake most of what had formed our daily life and identity for 31 years. In May, all arrangements were finished and I could follow Juergen to Germany to attend to his needs. In early July, I lost my loving partner of 35 happy years, Juergen Manske-Eimke.

Our wedding day

Witnesses signature

just a shadow remains

Many friends in all corners of the world supported us during this arduous journey. I have no words to express my gratitude. The love of my Spanish “family”, whom I have known since childhood days, has kept me strong and positive. With their help I found a new abode in their delightful home town close to Barcelona in Spain, where I have now been living since August 2015.


9 thoughts on “Dust to Dust…

  1. Liebe Andrea, ich habe eben jetzt gefunden Dein neues pages-
    alle meine Liebe und Mitgefühl für Dich!
    Du weisst ja, hier, in Ungarn hast Du immer Platz und wills willkommen


    1. Oh Anna, so wunderbar von Dir zu hören! Ich hoffe es geht Dir gut. Danke für Deine lieben Worte. Ich weiß sie zu schätzen. Vielleicht kommst Du ja eher einmal mich besuchen hier in meiner neuen Heimat? Ich würde mich schrecklich freuen!!!! Sei umarmt,


  2. Hi Andrea,
    I have thought of you both often and was so sad when I heard of Juergen’s passing. I have thought of you many times since and hope that you have had time to adjust to your new location and life without Juergen. Perhaps Clive and I might visit Spain one day and see for ourselves how you are. Xx


    1. Hi Di,
      so lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your kind words. I would love you to visit Spain. Just know that you’ll always have a place to stay in my little flat. Stay well and take care. XX


  3. Dear Andrea,

    I am thinking of you dear, Andrea, as you approach the one year passing of your beloved, Juergen.

    I love your beautiful wedding photo (and that you’ve saved your bouquet).



    1. Dear Dawn,
      thanks for your apreciative words. I keep wondering how much longer the bouquet will last, since it is crumbling away in its plexiglass cube. Anyway, like the memories, it survived our marriage…


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